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~ Asatru-Gedichte ~

The Loki!

Im born again. Im back my friends.
Dont know where Ive been.
I walked this world long ago
then disappeared, just left the show!

The last stand took my life.
this fight was renewal
for the world we live within.
My end was your begin!

Loki! The born desaster,
the teacher of the master!
Loki! The burning fire,
uncovers Satan as a liar!

Im the one who gives the answers
that you never wanted to know.
See me fall down the abyss.
Just for you. With heart, with bliss!

Someone must have called me back.
Who sent for me, the flame, the lack?
Was it you, my friend, my brother?
Or was it God who seemed to bother?


Im the freak who died for you more than once! I had been ripped apart by Gods you never knew, for the cost of change that took place. The old world had to be burned down,
to pass over good soil, a base for the new spirits.
Though these spirits became old again!
I came to burn again!
I came to burn again!
I came to burn again!
Im the chaos, Im the flame!


I just droped by to show you
the value of your life,
the love inside your heart.
I fight stagnation. Im the start!

Use my power, use my strengh.
Ill hold your hand and dry your tears,
while you stab me down again,
like you did so many times before!

I dont score and I dont judge!
My destiny is much too much!
Dont believe in fear of alien!
Im the Loki! Im the guardian!

For I know my children will haunt me,
demolish and betray me,
though I am Loki, made to fly!
Im the Loki,- bound to die!


Lukas Benedikt 

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